Book-Beyond Me, My Selfie and I

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You might not know it by observing popular media, but the world does not revolve around “me, my selfie and I”.

Teresa Tomeo, media expert and host of the syndicated radio program Catholic Connection, believes “selfie culture” represents a society that is losing touch with its humanity. In Beyond Me, My Selfie and I, she offers real ways to rebel against the narcissism of modern life and rediscover our relationship with each other, the beauty of nature—and, most importantly, God.

Tomeo explores Church teachings and Scripture passages about self-centeredness versus other-centeredness, as well as the thoughts of Popes John Paul II, Benedict and Francis, all of whom have written and spoken extensively about the proper use of media. She’s also gathered practical advice from a number of media experts on how to find balance when it comes to selfies and other media activities.

Tomeo makes the case for “selfie control,” with advice for moms and dads on navigating today’s media minefields. She’ll also provide research-backed methods for finding real happiness by giving and putting others first rather than staying focused on oneself.

When your identity is focused in Christ—as opposed to yourself—life becomes so much more than fleeting moments of attention. You’ll read inspiring examples of individuals who made a real difference in the world, as well as people whose change in media habits changed their lives—and the lives of others—in surprising ways.


Wyldlife for Middle Schoolers-coming to Gloucester! September 17, 2016

Wyldlife is a division of Young Life

A new Wyldlife group is beginning at the Gloucester YMCA on Saturday, September 17 at 8:00pm immediately following Teen Night at the Y.

Teen night runs from 6-8pm, September 17.

About  WyldLife

In WyldLife, we love middle school kids! They are full of life and yet experiencing profound emotional and physical changes.Middle school is a time when kids make important decisions about who they are and what they believe. And so WyldLife leaders — who range from spiritually mature high school and college students to moms, dads and retirees — consider it a privilege to be involved in their lives. We seek to model and express God’s love to our young friends by learning their names, hearing their stories and honoring their God-given desire for a life of fun, adventure and purpose.

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Contact Rachel Safer for more information at (614) 440-6734

Pope Francis’ Advice for College Students

Pope Francis gives a thumbs up as he leaves his general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican May 4. (CNS photo/Gaby Maniscalco)

Francis to Freshmen -This Pope has a reputation for saying surprising things. Remember when he found common ground between Christians and atheists? Then there was the time he told a newly-married graduate student not to worry “if the dishes fly.” Sometimes his advice is like talking to your favorite grandpa and other times he really rocks the boat. We’ve been offering advice to college freshmen for more than a decade, so as our new edition of The Freshman Survival Guide hits the shelves we wondered if any of the Holy Father’s advice applies to new college students. Not surprisingly, the answer is a big fat YES. Even though he jokes that he’s “from the stone age,” his advice to young people is surprisingly relevant. Here are seven tips from Pope Francis for those beginning the college journey.

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Source: Pope Francis’ Advice for College Students

Follow Me!

A young woman tweets during the Interfaith Pre-Conference on HIV at Howard University. (CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey)



It is a sad fact that my mood on a gray day can be improved by getting a notification that someone new is following me on Pinterest. My need for approval seems to be taking over my life in a way that is worrying. When I get the little notifications on my iPhone saying that, “Grace so-and-so is now following you,” I check to see: Is it my foodie stuff she is interested in, the gardens I want, or the art I like? This made me think about what it means to follow someone. It is so easy to click “follow” on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I do it often. It’s not a bad thing, and is one way I keep in touch with friends and family on the opposite coast and get the latest news from my favorite Fr. Jim Martin. RELATED: How to Use Facebook for Prayer Yet is it truly following? I think it is more like having one of my kids hang onto my purse or jeans as I wind my way through the (click link below to continue reading)

Source: Follow Me! – Busted Halo

World Youth Day 2016: 7/22-8/2

It’s this week! World Youth Day in Poland with a week’s worth of events. Click on the official link to learn more.

(From the official website) The theme of the XXXI World Youth Day Krakow 2016 is: ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy’ (Mt 5:7). Our Holy Father Francis has chosen the fifth of the eight Beatitudes, given by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to show the importance of the Beatitudes which are at the heart of Jesus’ teaching. In his first Sermon, Jesus presents us with eight examples of qualities that bring us closer to the Kingdom of God.

The choice of Krakow and World Youth Day’s motto lead us to the Spark of Mercy. Since the appearance of Jesus to St. Sister Faustina, Mercy has been radiating from Krakow-Lagiewniki to the whole universal Church. Krakow is widely known as the centre of worship of God’s mercy, and young pilgrims who come will surely want to see the place of the revelations, Sister Faustina’s tomb, and the shrine – the place where St. John Paul II entrusted the world to God’s Mercy.

It’s worth noting that the fifth Beatitude sums up the first two years of Pope Francis’ pontificate as well. During that time he has striven to show the Church God’s love towards man and the necessity of being merciful to each other.

At a meeting with young Argentinians in Rio, Pope Francis advised: ‘Read the Beatitudes, it will do you good.’ Our task is to re-read the message of the Beatitudes. For three consecutive years, the Pope has chosen for us three out of the eight Beatitudes as the themes for the WYDs. Each one is elaborated on in his addresses, in which he comments on theological matters and gives the youth some tasks for the next year of spiritual work.


“Read the Beatitudes – it will do you good.”

Pope Francis, Rio de Janeiro