The Kindness Rocks Project to visit Salem

Mayor Kim Driscoll, City of Salem Public Space Initiative and the Artisans at Artists’ Row recently announced a The Kindness Rocks Project event to take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Oct. 1 at Artists’ Row, 24 New Derby St., Salem.The Kindness Rocks Project was created to spread inspiration and motivation for unsuspecting recipients through random inspirational rocks placed in easy to access locations. It started as a hobby of one and has now turned into a movement due to the energy of many. here

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Follow Me!

A young woman tweets during the Interfaith Pre-Conference on HIV at Howard University. (CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey)



It is a sad fact that my mood on a gray day can be improved by getting a notification that someone new is following me on Pinterest. My need for approval seems to be taking over my life in a way that is worrying. When I get the little notifications on my iPhone saying that, “Grace so-and-so is now following you,” I check to see: Is it my foodie stuff she is interested in, the gardens I want, or the art I like? This made me think about what it means to follow someone. It is so easy to click “follow” on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I do it often. It’s not a bad thing, and is one way I keep in touch with friends and family on the opposite coast and get the latest news from my favorite Fr. Jim Martin. RELATED: How to Use Facebook for Prayer Yet is it truly following? I think it is more like having one of my kids hang onto my purse or jeans as I wind my way through the (click link below to continue reading)

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Interfaith Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Peace


“Stories, Blind spots, Biases and Traditions”

Cape Ann Interfaith Commission invitation to explore the connection between religious bigotry and other prejudices-economic disparity, race, and gender.  How our narratives impact our relationships, community and ability to do what matters, together.

Sunday,  9/11/2016, 3-5 p.m.

First Baptist Church of Gloucester

38 Gloucester Ave., Gloucester,MA

This event is free of charge.

More info: CAIC, 978-283-8150

Dr.Peace is Associate Professor of Interfaith Studies, Andover-Newton Theological Seminary & Co-Director of the Center for Inter-religious and Communal Leadership Education.  She is also a co-editor of “My Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Inter-religious Encounter, Growth and Transformation.”