From the pews in the back


Twice last weekend, I found myself somewhere I havent been in a long time: the back pew of church.

Any cheeky pastor or regular Massgoer will tell you, with a note of sarcasm in his or her voice, that the pews in the back are where the real Catholics sit. The further back, the better. There, behind dozens of heads, theres little chance of being singled out. You can come and go as you please, sneaking in late or leaving early. And theres no need to worry about who might be watching you because, for the most part, everyone is ahead of you.

Sitting in the back pew, though, I realized something different. There, in the back of the church, I had a different perspective. I could see things from a place I hadnt for a long time, and suddenly, I understood the call to stand on the margins in a new way.

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