Lightning Rods and Rainbows

February 23, 2017
Global Sisters Report

As President Donald Trump begins to roll out in rapid fire the many executive orders seeking to overturn decisions not only of the Obama Administration but programs and policies that have been in place for decades, I find myself seeking to understand the larger picture. Taking a long loving look at all that is going on is not easy. I know I have more to ponder, and this has made a focus for this reflection difficult.

Yet I found myself reflecting on being a cosmic sentry (Global Sisters Report November and January reflections) and honing in on the “cosmic.” Not in terms of “out of this world” but rather becoming a lightning rod for divine compassion. In this reflection, I want to share with you some of the “lightning rods” I encountered during a January visit to Tucson, Arizona. They caused me to pause, to see things in a new light, and they filled me with compassion and hope.

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