Religious education is broken. It’s time to fix our Sunday school culture.

How is the attendance of religious education classes at your church? or even the attendance of young people at mass or services on Sundays? What do you think should be done to increase participation? Read the article below to gain more insight on this touchy topic.
January 10, 2017
America Magazine

A public school with a dropout rate of 50 percent and two-thirds of area parents opting out of it would be considered failing. If the school were unable to turn those numbers around in a few years, it would likely be shut down. And yet for decades, Catholic parishes in the United States have invested in religious education programs that have proven no more effective. Today, more than half of Catholic millennials report going to Mass a few times a year or less, and, according to a 2014 poll, 68 percent of Catholic parents decide not to enroll their child in any formal Catholic religious education.

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