‘Would you go and tear up St. Peter’s in Rome?’

NCR Today: Native Americans understand the sacredness of our planet and the need to preserve it from nefarious uses. That consciousness is part of their gift to us.

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“Would you go and tear up St. Peter’s in Rome just because you want to put a pipeline through it?” This is a quote from Miles Allard, a Native American elder at Standing Rock in North Dakota, where the protests against a proposed oil pipeline have been growing for months. The essence of that protest is actually religious in nature. The Sioux regard the land where the pipeline would run as “sacred land,” deemed so by their ancestors as well as present-day Native Americans. This is not often mentioned in the news.
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One thought on “‘Would you go and tear up St. Peter’s in Rome?’

  1. marciasavory

    “They are teaching us that our very planet is sacred, and we have a duty to preserve it from anything that would despoil or threaten it.” Would that we could be open to learning from our Native American sisters and brothers of this profound sacredness.

    Thank you CAFJ for broadening my awareness through so many of your posts.


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