Building soil, cultivating peace – Global Sisters Report

Building soil, cultivating peace

It’s late, and the autumn insect chorus is accompanied tonight by the hum of a tractor still harvesting corn many hours after sunset. As I glance out the window to see the headlights moving slowly to and fro in the neighboring field, I muse that the farmer is probably trying to beat the rain in tomorrow’s forecast. It seems somehow fitting that these plants should be harvested just as they sprouted: in the dark.

“The reign of God is reflected in seeds sown in a field,” Sr. Pat Farrell reflected in her address to the LCWR assembly earlier this summer. “They grow during the night. Take note here. Seeds sprout in darkness, without tending. . . .” This is a humbling reminder, lest we think that we are the ones who build the reign of God through our own efforts.

Source: Building soil, cultivating peace – Global Sisters Report