The only way to change: begin to live the way of love

I’m sure we’re all aware that the word “gospel” means “good news.” In the beginning of Mark’s Gospel, it’s very simple. The introduction of Mark simply says, “Jesus began to proclaim the good news.” The good news — the reign of God is at hand — what does that mean? It means the love of God is ready to overwhelm all of creation and transform it into that glorious reign of God where peace and joy, fullness of life is there for everyone. That good news emanates from God’s love.

That’s what these lessons teach us today about the love of God. That’s the good news: God loves us with a love that’s unbreakable, unconditional, unlimited. In the first letter of John, the disciple writes, “God is love. Where there is love, there is God.” And then goes on to say, “And this is the love that I mean: that God first loved us.” God never stops loving us. God’s love drew us into existence. We would not be, would not exist if God’s love hadn’t drawn us into existence. Continue reading-click here

[Homily given at St. Charles Lwanga Parish, St. Leo site, Detroit, Mich. The transcripts of Bishop Gumbleton’s homilies are posted weekly to Sign up here to receive an email alert when the latest homily is posted.]

Source: The only way to change: begin to live the way of love | National Catholic Reporter