Voice of the Faithful


Please pray for our healing circle

This Saturday, Sept. 24, we will have a Healing Circle in Omaha. Please pray with us this poem by former VOTF trustee Jayne O’Donnell that the Healing Circle be successful for participants and the Body of Christ:

In the Potter’s Hands
I begin as a lump of clay
soft, pliable and earthy
in the Potter’s hands.
I am exhilarated by the infinite possibilities
of what I will become
as I am thrown on His wheel.
I whirl around and around
dizzy with excitement
and anticipation.
What will my purpose be?
It is revealed at last!
I am a vessel.
Into the kiln I go
to complete my transformation.
But something goes terribly wrong
during the journey from kiln to table.
I crack!
I am not a worthy vessel
admired and useful.
I am rejected and tossed on a pile
of clay shards
that have met a similar fate.
Instead of being filled
with fine wine or honey
I am filled with sadness and shame.
Weeks and months pass
as I sit in this graveyard
of the unworthy.
Then one day
a woman enters the shop
and beholds me
and takes me home with her.
I am resurrected.
Of what possible use
could she have for me?
A votive candle
is lowered inside me
and I am placed upon a low table
atop a vibrantly patterned cloth.
A match is struck
igniting the wick
and I am filled with light.
It flickers, dances and shines
through my cracked form.
Soon, I am surrounded
by a circle of friends
who share deeply
and listen deeply
to each others stories of pain.
After many hours together
we come to understand
that but for our fractured lives
our light could not shine through
as a sign of hope to each other.
And a truth is revealed:
we are all broken vessels.
Heal us, oh Lord, our God! In your Son’s holy name, we pray. Amen.
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