God calls us to change – National Catholic Reporter

Some of us may remember a year or so ago Pope Francis, in preaching at one of his weekday Masses, which he says in the small chapel in the house where he lives, for the people of the area, he was reflecting on the Gospel and he said, “Even atheists are in heaven.” I’m sure there was a shock in the crowd even with probably some of us, “What? Atheists in heaven?” Francis said, “Yes, even atheists are in heaven.” He was trying to show the people that God ultimately loves so much and is such a merciful God that everyone is drawn into God’s love forever. Continue Reading

Source: God calls us to change – National Catholic Reporter

[Homily given at St. Philomena, Detroit, Mich. The transcripts of Bishop Gumbleton’s homilies are posted weekly to NCRonline.org. Sign up here to receive an email alert when the latest homily is posted.]