Don’t shove away those in need | National Catholic Reporter

How we respond to those in need says a lot about who we are as  individuals and who we are as a people.  Alone, I am limited and sometimes immobilized in the face of human suffering.   Absent a community of faith, the bombardment of brutal images from war torn Syria and other hotspots of destruction present a reality that is so disturbing that one feels powerless.  Together with others, possibilities open up and generate energy that helps and heals. Perhaps the image of the Blessed Mother with the Syrian Boy can be an entry point to encounter those who are enduring unearned suffering.

Bishop Gumbleton and Pope Francis call us to become a compassionate people who welcome and include the those in need.

Source: Don’t shove away those in need | National Catholic Reporter

Syrian refugees stand outside a bus at a refugee camp near Idomeni, Greece, May 25. (CNS/Yannis Kolesidis, EPA)