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There’s an amazing phenomenon in nature. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: The migration of the monarch butterflies. This is, as I said, an amazing phenomenon. These butterflies live in the Northeast part of the United States and every year they migrate to Mexico and then turn around and migrate back. It’s astounding just to think about butterflies — such tender and fragile insects, part of the animal kingdom — that they can make that long journey.

But in fact, what’s even more amazing is that none of those who start out make it back. During that migration there are at least seven generations of monarch butterflies that keep the migration going and bring it back. When you think about that, it perhaps can be a good insight into the Scripture lessons today. Each generation of those butterflies, in order for the species to endure, is dependent upon the preceding generations

There would be no monarch butterflies if each generation did not do its part and carry on that migration. In a way that’s what the Scriptures are telling us about faith today. Think about your faith, my faith — we believe in God, we know Jesus as the Son of God, the Holy Spirit. How did all this happen that we are enlightened to know God? As we prayed in the opening prayer, Abraham called God, “Father” or God, our “Mother.” We are sons and daughters of God. How do we come to this understanding?

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Source: We must continue this journey of faith | National Catholic Reporter

Bishop Gumbleton’s homily given at St. Philomena Parish, Detroit, Mich. The transcripts of Bishop Gumbleton’s homilies are posted weekly to NCRonline.org. Scroll to bottom of  article text for the audio of the homily.